Stock Code 02088

ride the wind and waves

Xiwang Property Holdings Company Limited ("Xiwang Property" or the "Company", together with its subsidiaries, collectively the "Group") is principally engaged in property development in China. The Company was established in 2001 with headquarters located in Zouping City, Shandong Province of China and was listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 9 December 2005 under stock code 2088.

The Group carried out corn processing business in China for over 7 years since its listing. In 2012, the Group entered into property development business to seek business diversification and achieve new business breakthroughs. On 29 June 2013, the Group obtained approval from shareholders to dispose the corn processing business and change its principal business to property development business in the PRC.

Currently, the Group has five property projects under different stages of development in Shandong Province. In the years to come, the Group will closely monitor local and potential new markets and continue to select high-quality land plots for sustainable development in order to reap satisfactory returns.

  • Tel: 86 543813 8066
  • Fax: 86 543) 461 0088
  • Postal: 256209
  • Address: Xiwang Industrial Park, Zouping City, Shandong Province, China